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Bible Study

Bible Study
Growing in Christ

The Bible tells us that Jesus' disciples "devoted themselves to His teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer" (Acts 2:42). 
Those who knew Jesus continued to learn, to teach, to pray and to mentor one another so that their faith would take root and grow to maturity.

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Jesus does not want our relationship with Him to be limited to membership in His family. He has given us tools and means to learn about His life and how we should live, and to communicate with Him, so that
our relationship with Jesus will grow in maturity over time. For us today, the Bible itself is a textbook for the Christian life. Prayer--simply talking to God and listening for His response--is also available to us.

At St. John Missionary Baptist Church, we offer many opportunities to grow in maturity. Bible Study is a core program at our church. Every Tuesday at noon and Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm we hold our open Bible Study where we read and learn from the
Bible. We also have a very strong Sunday School
program which meets every Sunday morning.

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